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Dr. Shelton Goode is the president and chief executive officer of ICARUS Consulting a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage.

Providing Solutions

We Only Present Customized Content

All of our presentations are customized to equip agile leaders with what they need to know today to win tomorrow. We explain key trends impacting your organization's future and about the people shaping it today.


Each workshop is designed for the audience and the event. We take what we know, add what we learn from you, and then conduct our own background research on your organization, industry, or region. This strategic approach enables us to focus our presentation on the major trends impacting your future and the actions agile leaders need to take today.

Dr. Shelton Goode
- 2018 SOAHR 

The National Association of African Americans

in Human Resources awarded him their HR

Trailblazer Award in 2005 and 2012 -- the only

person selected for the award twice. In April

2013, the Technology Association of Georgia

presented him with the organization’s first

Lifetime Diversity Achievement Award for his

body of work in diversity and human resources.

Popular Topics

Diversity Strategies that Yield Results:
What works and What Doesn’t

Leaders who want to integrate cost-effective, battle-tested initiatives don’t have enough tools and resources to identify and apply best practices to actual work situations. These programs demand time, energy, and money—and

the empirical evidence about outcomes is limited.

Silence is a NOT Golden: Understanding Sexual

Bias, Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Icarus Consulting works with organizations to design and implement strategies that result in healthy cultures–often in the context of rapidly changing the market and industry conditions.

Coaching Leaders Through Crisis

Icarus Consulting partners with organizations and their leaders and executives to strengthen leadership capability and cultivate relationships that enhance the leaders’ ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead.

Mega Trends Shaping the Future of Work

An overview of the leading workforce and labor trends that will affect all organizations in the upcoming years. Our world is continually changing.

BRGs, ERGs, and Affinity Groups – Oh My!

This dynamic 90-minute presentation focuses on helping Employee Network Groups (Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Resource Groups (BRGs), and Affinity Groups) align their efforts with their organization’s key business goals thereby enhancing a company’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Inclusion 2020: Global Trends that will Redefine

Work, Workers and the Workplace

The work, workers, and workplace of the future will continue to undergo a dramatic transformation. Research suggests that by 2030, workers will be older and younger at the same time, more educated and less skilled, hyper-connected through new technologies, and more ethnically diverse.

Work, Workers, and the Workplace: Looking into the
Crystal Ball

Making predictions about what HR will face over the next 12-48 months requires examining a few assumptions. First, the U.S. will have a new administration that we assume will be very business-friendly. Mr. Trump made campaign promises to invest trillions of dollars on infrastructure and military and cutting regulations, regulatory agencies, and existing laws (e.g., EPA, Labor, and the ACA —Affordable Care Act) that he views as holding back business development.

Increasing Organizational Trust by Reducing Individual Bias

he information discussed during this presentation is intended to raise awareness about Unconscious Bias research and its proven impact on a person’s ability to be successful when interacting with diverse cultures around the world and conducting business internationally.

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work for African Americans in Corporate America

The information discussed during this presentation is intended to raise awareness about Unconscious Bias research and its proven impact on a person’s ability to be successful when interacting with diverse cultures around the world and conducting business internationally.

C LEVEL Discussion with Dr. Goode

The life and business advice that the Dr. ordered.

The Secret Sauce to Achieving Career Success

Looking for a fulfilling career and not just another job? Want to move up the corporate ladder? Tired of getting overlooked for promotions, being marginalized as an employee, and underpaid for the work that you do?

You’re Not Crazy – You’re Not Alone

The information discussed during this presentation is intended to raise awareness about organizational and leadership behaviors which act as barriers to inclusion and impact a person’s ability to be successful.

Coaching Leaders on How to Conduct Crucial Conversations

Politics, religion, race—we can’t talk about topics like these at work. But in fact, these conversations are happening all the time, either in real life or virtually via social media.

Bias in the Workplace: Moving Beyond Awareness to Action

The Corporate Leavers Survey, a national study conducted by the Level Playing Field Institute, shows that each year more than 2 million workers voluntarily leave their jobs due primarily to perceptions of unfair treatment, costing U.S. employers $64 billion in turnover annually.

Breaking Bias: Moving from Awareness to Action

The Corporate Leavers Survey, a national study conducted by the Level Playing Field Institute, shows that each year more than 2 million professionals and managers voluntarily leave their jobs solely due to unfairness, costing U.S. employers $64 billion in turnover annually.

Agility: The Power Behind Inclusion

Companies are paying increased attention to inclusion as well as to diversity—but to what extent do we have a shared understanding of what inclusion means?


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