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Resources tailored to deliver on empowering and improving your business leadership, diversity, and inclusion goals.

Offered Solutions

What Makes Us Unique

The key for organizations in developing and implementing a best-in-class approach for securing the top

diverse and mid-career professional talents center directly on how candidates view your brand.

Discovering Insights

You have questions; we find answers. Whether you're trying to identify talent gaps in the organization, review overall performance, make your company or community more inclusive, explore the viability of a new program concept, or gain a deeper understanding of your employees, customers, and stakeholders, we can help. Our goal isn't to sell you a solution but to help you discover what you need to know.

Developing Plans

Our seasoned business experts provide top-to-bottom strategic planning. Whether you are trying to determine the best path forward or remedy an issue holding you back, Icarus Consulting LLC can serve as your company’s Global Positioning System (GPS) and provide the necessary guidance.

We don't bring packaged solutions, but we develop strategies that will work for you. We are agile, responsive, and cost-conscious in whatever we do for you.

Delivering Solutions

Our professionals at Icarus Consulting LLC have a broad background in talent management, D&I, brand management, organizational culture building, and change management. Plus, we’re business professionals who know how hard it is to make a dollar out of 15 cents. That means we are cost-conscious when delivering solutions.

Designing Strategies

For organizations that want to develop best-in-class veterans recruiting and retention solutions, look no further. With solutions developed by former corporate diversity leaders and Air Force Officers, Icarus Consulting LLC can help your organization attract, hire, and retain the best veterans.

Discovering Insights

You have questions; we find answers. Services and solutions for businesses that want to be the best in
their respective industries. Here you will find a variety of services that will simply put,
help good companies be better through diversity and inclusion. 

Mentor Academy

The most effective mentors use frequent one-on-one conversations to align on a shared vision for the future, to provide meaningful coaching, and to assess and increase engagement. This toolkit is designed to equip you for the four essential conversations you’ll have with the people you manage.

Change Management

Icarus Consulting works with organizations to design and implement strategies that result in healthy cultures–often in the context of rapidly changing the market and industry conditions.

Executive Coaching

Icarus Consulting partners with organizations and their leaders and executives to strengthen leadership capability and cultivate relationships that enhance the leaders’ ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead.

More About
ICARUS Consulting

Learn more about Dr. Shelton Goode and the importance of good businesses challenging conventional thinking to improve and become the best versions of themselves. 

Developing Plans

Our seasoned business experts provide top-to-bottom strategic planning... 

Talent Acquisition

We provide clients with flexible and fixed solutions to deliver the right high-end candidate for their hiring needs.

Strategic Planning

We believe everyone was meant to fly. That’s why we help organizations create and sustain a workplace where every employee feels valued, respected, and believes they can defy gravity.

"Icarus Consulting is leading the way in diversity, equity, and inclusion. I have used their coaching and consulting methodologies to enhance my company’s capabilities. Always professional and leading open conversations and increased understanding."

Steve Paskoff, President, ELI

Delivering Solutions

Our professionals at Icarus Consulting LLC have a broad background in...

Inclusion Coaches

Icarus Consulting can help you develop and certify Inclusion Coaches on in your organization today!

BRG/ERG Academy

For many years, ERGs have been drivers of employee engagement and broader inclusion in the workplace. However, the current business climate requires that ERGs do even more to support the company’s D&I strategy and business goals.

D&I Council

Icarus Consulting helps D&I Councils drive positive change in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Icarus Consulting for over two years. The consulting and service are the best in class and help to create experiences that positively impact peoples’ lives and impact the company’s bottom line."

Karen Ashley, Chief Diversity Officer, American Electric Power

Designing Strategies

For organizations that want to develop best in...

Diversity Recruiting

We have strategic partnerships with dozens of women-owned and minority-owned businesses that source and staff STEM-related businesses.

D&I Training

Our Inclusive Leadership programs are customized to your unique needs to ensure that the content resonates with the realities of your workplace.

Diversity Online Learning Collection

3 Diversity Programs With Continous Sequential Training - Designed for Change. ICARUS consulting is proud to be a Strategic Partner in delivering this unique and powerful diversity training. Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world.

Diversity Collection Brochure

Course Content You Can Count On!

• Targeted courses with dozens of resources

• 12-month access 24/7 from any device

• Micro-Learning for better retention

• Revisit key information & concepts, as needed

• Experience various learning and interaction methodologies

Expand Your Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge

View c​ourse catalog​s below

Embracing Diversity


Be Open to Change. Diversity comes in many forms: gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, socioeconomic background, etc. All of these contribute to an individual’s unique experience of the World. To Embrace Diversity means being proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that are different from your own. When you’re able to fully embrace diversity yourself, you’ll be in a good position to work with others in the organization whose viewpoints differ from yours. Unlock the creativity and innovation necessary for you and your organization to thrive.


Leading With Diversity


For Leadership & Management. Equality in the workplace has never been more relevant than it is today. Research shows that equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth. It drives creativity and inspires a sense of belonging by bringing different perspectives and skills to teams.

Investing in leadership diversity and inclusion training is essential to a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Forbes reports that companies with more diverse leadership teams improve overall team performance by 17%, decision-making quality by 20% and team collaborations by 29% — generating higher financial performance and increased productivity”

Learn how to cultivate a more rewarding work environment where your employees feel connected, appreciated, and achieving results.


Plus Bonus Content

Access to 72 Extra Resources

Winning Teams Win


Game Plan for Greater Team Success. Our Winning Teams Win! The program provides quick, convenient access to learning content that promotes the development of leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by all leaders and teams aspiring to succeed in business.

Using unique learning templates prepared by subject matter experts, participants will gain instant access to three learning tracks, plus books and videos. Coursework includes a blend of short videos, book summaries, and activities to provide focused learning in specific competency areas.

Our Winning Teams WIN Program also provides a collection of training resources designed specifically for leaders. These learning tools were formulated to address the needs of three distinct levels:

• Senior leaders

• Mid-level leaders

• Emerging leaders​


Plus: Access to hundreds of videos, summaries, and books focused on leadership development


For more information about Embracing Diversity Online Learning Programs or to get started click here!


Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world

ICARUS Consulting is proud to be certified as a
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE), Icarus Consulting, Limited Liability Company has been verified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).


Solutions For Your Challenges 

Give us a call for a no obligation consultation and discover firsthand the advantages of working with ICARUS.

Resources on diversity and inclusion highlighting education, experience, and best practices for elevating your leadership, your business, and your teams. 

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