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What Makes Us Unique

Welcome to The Executive 

Conversations from the C-Suite Video Series

A business series featuring 20-minute episodes that cover current, diversity,

equity, and inclusion topics.

The Executive:
Beyond Inclusion - Mattress FIRM

Reimagining the future of Work, Workers, and the Workplace

Dr. Shelton Goode, CEO & President of Icarus Consulting, delivers a keynote address at the Mattress Firm Annual Leadership Conference. Dr. Goode first delivers a keynote, followed by a fireside chat with one of the company's senior leaders. 

Conversations from
the C-Suite

a C-Suite Conversation, is a streaming, social media series that covers today’s D&I issues, concerns, and best practices from a C-Suite perspective. The show is designed to inspire C-Suite executives to invest in D&I actions that will result in innovative designs, better products, improved services, robust communities, and inclusive organizations. The show will be produced by 4-time Emmy Award winner Johnson Media Consulting.

The Executive:
Andres Gonzalez

a C-Suite Conversation, with Andres Gonzalez - VP, Chief Diversity Officer - Froedtert Health

The Executive:
Erika Broadwater

a C-Suite Conversation, with Erika Broadwater - National President - NAAAHR

The Executive:
Nadine Vogel

a C-Suite Conversation, with Carlotta Roman - Owner, Principal Consultant - Collective Career Consulting

The Executive:
Erika Broadwater

a C-Suite Conversation, with Nadine Vogel - CEO - Springboard Consulting

The Executive: A Description

Dr. Shelton Goode, who has been recognized by Forbes as one of the “Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazers” in the country, will host the show. Dr. Goode will probe into the thinking of C-Suite executives on how they set big D&I goals. The show will give you a platform to share your company’s D&I best practices.

Dr. Shelton Goode, president, CEO of Icarus Consulting and host of the “The Executive,” will select the topics and provide the background and context about the issues to be discussed during the episode.

For more information about our exciting and innovative video series, download the pdf here.

For more information about ICARUS, please contact us here.

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