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The latest thought leadership around diversity and inclusion uses best and next-generation practices to help organizations create sustainable change that will propel them forward. Icarus Consulting LLC’s Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results is setting the benchmark for diversity and inclusion in thought leadership.

The Bookstore

The Secret Sauce... No matter what your role is, whether it is an executive, a manager, a business owner, or someone just getting started professionally, we believe that you have the power to drive change and influence inclusion. Dr. Shelton Goode has written and contributed to numerous books that provide the tools to do exactly that.

Each of these books can help organizations pivot from command-and-control leadership styles and create “people first” organizational cultures.

The Exciting Part

There is no better time than now. And when organizations create cultures that embrace diversity and foster inclusion, the bottom-line is directly impacted. Simply put: all organizations are trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. To become sustainable and viable, every organization must draw upon the power of inclusion and diversity.

The Payoff

When organizations intentionally make space for diverse voices, they discover that diversity and inclusion impart critical knowledge, better problem-solving, and creative innovation. Each of the books is based on cutting-edge information and battle-tested strategies that Dr. Goode and the Icarus Consulting LLC team have implemented at Fortune 500 companies around the country.

These strategies will allow you to empower employees in your organization to use all their talents and potential to drive positive change and bottom-line results!

It’s time to go beyond hopeful ideals and into change-inducing action. Because when people feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard by their colleagues and organizations, incredible things happen.

Beyond Inclusion

Throughout the history of business, employees had to adapt to managers, and managers had to adapt to organizations. That world—and those rules—are over! Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, things will be reversed with managers and organizations adapting to employees in the future. This means that to succeed and thrive, organizations must rethink and reimagine everything they know about work. The demographics of employees are changing, and so are employee expectations, values, attitudes, perspectives, and work styles. Previous organizational behavior and culture change models must be replaced with leadership styles aligned with the future of work, workers, and the workplace. Leaders must also revise their traditional organizational structure, rewrite people policies to empower employees, reinvent work to remain competitive, and reset the culture and work environment to adjust to a rapidly changing world.

Beyond Inclusion: Reimagining the Future of Work, Workers, and the Workplace is your crystal ball about how employees of the future will work, how managers will lead, and what organizations will look like following the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond Inclusion will help you:

  • Stay ahead of the competition

  • Create more inclusive leaders

  • Tap into the freelancer economy

  • Attract and retain top talent that is more diverse and agile

  • Rethink leadership

  • Manage high performing diverse teams

  • Leverage diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments

  • Adapt to the changing workforce

  • Build and sustain the organization of the future

  • And more

According to Dr. Shelton J. Goode, the best way to truly prepare your organization for the global transformations underway—and their impacts—is to think "beyond inclusion." That is, reimagining the company, reinventing work and workers, revising people policies and processes, and resetting the culture and work environment.

The book features real-world case studies and easy to understand concepts that will challenge and inspire you to lead your organization differently following the cataclysmic changes following the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.

Winter in America: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Diversity in Companies, Communities and the Country

It was never supposed to happen! Donald Trump was never supposed to survive the Republican primaries. How Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election is the dramatic story of how America’s efforts to become more diverse and inclusive has gone off the rails.

Forget the Comey revelation and other headlines! Winter in America provides a candid acknowledgment about the electorate. No explanation of the 2016 presidential election results can begin with anything other than the core problem: the backlash against diversity in the country.

Through deep analysis and research, diversity expert Dr. Shelton J. Goode has reconstructed the key decisions, unseized opportunities, and the indiscussable misfires. Even the unwritten decisions that resulted in the greatest upset in presidential election history didn’t escape

Dr. Goode’s scrutiny.

REVIEW: Steve Paskoff,
 President of ELI

REVIEW: Calvin Wright

REVIEW: Natassha Chambliss,

National Black MBA

REVIEW: Julius Pryor III

Champions Never Tell

Champions Never Tell aims to give women the power to control their work, life, and other circumstances. This book offers insight on self-care and alternate courses of action to save themselves while waiting for their leaders, organizations, or HR to assist them. It’s not intended to discredit an organization, male bash, name call, or portray women as victims.

Seven incredible women bravely share their stories of being in hostile work environments to give clarity to the ambiguity that many women experience when trying to determine whether they’re harassed. An appendix in the book offers 31 insights, recommendations, and action steps that women can take to assess where they are and take control of their health.

Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate

Why do some diversity strategies contribute to organizational success while other strategies fail to launch?

The answer, according to author Dr. Shelton J. Goode, is that successful diversity managers can implement diversity initiatives that produce results! Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate is valuable for a wide audience because it provides diversity practitioners and business leaders alike with a Diversity GPS. This will help them identify and locate strengths and weaknesses in their diversity strategy.

So You Think You Can Teach: A Guide for New College Professors on How to Teach Adult Learners

Why do some professors always receive positive evaluations from students while other instructors struggle from class to class?

The answer, according to author Dr. Shelton J. Goode, is that successful professors can create a dynamic learning environment for all their students, regardless of age or level of knowledge.

Based on extensive research and experience, So You Think You Can Teach shows readers how to recognize and rectify classroom issues that can inhibit the full participation of a diverse student body.

Crisis as a Platform for Social Change from Strawberry Mansion to Silicon Valley

If you could read only one book about diversity, this is it! Dr. Shelton Goode answers a collective hunger for a new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation—straight talk with no chaser—to a new generation.

Crisis as a Platform for Social Change from Strawberry Mansion to Silicon Valley is Dr. Goode’s impassioned wake-up call to take our understanding of diversity to a wholly new level. This means beyond finger-pointing and well-meaning initiatives. Instead, towards the shared goal of building inclusive communities, robust companies, and a thriving country!

This original and thought-provoking book will help leaders in any setting—business, educational, and community—break out of the status quo and reinvigorate the spirit “that we can do better than this”!

Learn more about our custom workshops. Designed to equip agile leaders with what they need to know today to win tomorrow. We explain key trends impacting your organization's future and about the people shaping it today.

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