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Why Choose Us

Talent Strategies

The key for organizations in developing and implementing a best-in-class approach for securing the top 

diverse and mid-career professional talents, centers directly on how candidates view your brand.

Customized Workshop

Each presentation is designed for the audience and the event. We take what we know, add what we learn from you, and conduct our own background research on your organization, industry, or region. This approach enables us to focus our solution on the major trends impacting your future and the actions that leaders need to take today.

Change Management

Change is constant. Organizations are now competing in a global marketplace. The question is not whether or not the organization needs to change. Rather, the question is, “What changes need to be made to stay competitive within the current and continuously evolving economic environment?”

Leadership Development

Research continues to demonstrate that continuous learning is one of the critical factors for employee engagement and retention. Icarus Consulting LLC offers customizable leadership development, diversity and inclusion (D&I) education, and learning programs to support employee engagement, development, and retention.

How We Work

We Do Our Research

Icarus Consulting LLC’s work is informed by empirical research that we conduct. Yet, we also bring in practical insights from our “real world” strategic think tank, the Icarus Consulting LLC’s Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results®.

Battle-Tested Techniques

Using battle-tested techniques, the center researches and delivers insights on demographic and cultural trends shaping the future. We must be on to something—we have been asked to present our insights at EEOC Excel 2017, SHRM SOAR 2018, NAAAHR Global Technology Conference, and NPR’s “Morning Edition.” 

On almost any given week, our consultants are sharing the center’s insights as keynote speakers at conferences and events around the world.

What Clients Say

“Icarus Consulting’s strategic advice, analysis, and ability to enlighten our stakeholders about the future are helping us ensure that Appleton will always be THE winning city of tomorrow.”

- Karen Nelson, Diversity Director, Appleton

Why Choose Us

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